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The Belgian E-commerce Conference (BEC) is a one-day seminar striving to boost the steadily growing e-commerce market in Belgium. You will get expert insight and discover key trends in the many aspects of digital commerce.

Just like a boot camp BEC provides knowledge for starting, running and expanding your online business, whether you are a retailer just starting or expanding your online business, or a niche pure player. BEC focusses on these three main steps: Build, Grow and Expand.


BluePoint Antwerp

Filip Williotstraat 9, Berchem


03 October 2019

08.45 – 16.00


Enjoy +15 speakers in one day.


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Why should you attend?

  • You will learn everything about building, growing and expanding your digital business
  • +15 high-level speakers will give you expert insight in all there is to know digital commerce
  • BEC provides a unique opportunity to meet colleagues and exchange business ideas.
  • It’s FREE*

Who should attend?

You are (i.e.):

  • an e-commerce business owner
  • an e-commerce manager / marketing manager
  • planning on starting an e-commerce business

*The Belgian E-commerce Conference is FREE for everyone, except: suppliers, consultants, recruitment consultants or employees of PR/advertising agencies in related fields, the unemployed and students. If you fit one of these categories, you can participate after paying a fee of € 695 per person. This includes documentation, refreshments and lunch. Minoc will check your registration and only charge you if you agree to these terms.

No-shows will be charged with €50 for expenses.

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Storytelling; the most effective way to cut through the noise

Let’s be honest, everyone has an online presence today. So how do we manage to grab the attention of our audience? It’s simple. People don’t buy products, they buy the ideas that surround the products. Storytelling is therefore the key to attract and attain your audience until they eventually become part of your tribe.


How to double your revenue by changing only 1 thing?

The silver bullet to double your online sales doesn’t exist. Building a successful ecommerce business that keeps on growing requires a lot of effort. Personalisation and AI completely change the way we do business and communicate with prospects and clients. How to make sure you will survive? After 18 years of successes and defeats as a digital consultant for companies like TUI, Carglass and Yoast, Karl thinks he has found the answer. The one thing you need to do to make sure your business will grow month after month after month.


Dealing with data in e-commerce after the introduction of GDPR and ePrivacy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force for a year now and a second regulation that imposes additional rules on handling personal data in the form of the ePrivacy Regulation will soon be introduced .

There are a lot of misunderstandings and myths about GDPR and with new rules on direct mailings and the use of cookies that will soon be introduced through the ePrivacy Regulation, it is time to get a clear picture of the situation.

What can and cannot be done with customer data? Can you still buy data from data brokers? Under GDPR and ePrivacy, how can you handle profile data and targeted audiences correctly? What is really up with the use of cookies?


The Belgian E-commerce Conference will be hosted at the BluePoint venue in Antwerp. BluePoint is easy to reach by car and public transport. You can view the route plan here.

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